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PORSCHE Spyder 550

The Porsche 550 Spyder is the myth par excellence, made famous by the American actor James Dean! The Spyder 550 is above all a racing car. Indeed, faced with the displacements of the large teams, the Porsche 550 has chosen the lightness and rigidity of a tube chassis, around a four-cylinder flat to lower the center of gravity as much as possible. Very quickly, the Porsches swept up the victories until they took the mythical “Targa Florio”!

Even today the result is surprising, the balance of the 550 Spyder is simply incredible, lively, agile, precise, it is almost impossible to fault.

It is the ideal car for a weekend of sporty driving on the roads of Provence, its beauty will attract all eyes...

_DSC2539  basse def.JPG
_DSC2537  basse def.JPG
_DSC2448  basse def.JPG


Gasoline - Box Manual - Gray Color​​​

  •   Full Leather Interior

  •   Leather Seats

  •   Metallic Paint


24 Hours / 100KM



24 Hours / 200KM

Weekend / 400 KM

Week / 1,000 KM


Month / 3,000 KM


2.50euros per additional kilometre.


Deposit (cb imprint)


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