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Porsche realized that the horsepower race was a dead end and that 510 hp was good enough. Still, the latest GT3 is an incredibly lively car, attacking the red zone with contagious enthusiasm. The Porsche 911 seduce because they are different. Here there are strata, as in rock formations.

From one 911 to another, the fundamentals remain the same: the driving position, the seats, the weight of the controls. It's a car in which you immediately feel at home, with which you know you'll be able to work seriously. Few racers of this caliber are so unintimidating and so visceral at the same time.

The cockpit is that of a standard 992, with a new Track Screen mode (just displaying the central tachometer). A wheel allows you to juggle between chassis modes (including Sport and Track). There are also physical buttons for disabling assists, so there's no getting lost in menus every time. The selector of the PDK box evokes a knob of mechanical box, but it will be better to use the pallets.

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Gasoline - Box Automatic PDK - Color Blue

  •  Auto air conditioning

  •  Cruise control

  •   Electric Windows

  •  Centralized locking

  •   Full Leather Interior

  •  Navigation system

  •   Electric Seats

  •   Leather Seats

  •  Auto air conditioning

  •   Metallic Paint

  •  ABS

  •  Airbags

  •  ESP

  •  Xenon headlights

  •  Auxiliary Audio Input

  •  CD/DVD/MP3 Audio


24 Hours / 100KM



24 Hours / 200KM

Weekend / 400 KM

Week / 1000 KM


Month / 3000 KM


5.00euros per additional kilometre.


Deposit (cb imprint)


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