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Now the release of the Turbo and Turbo S versions of the Porsche 911 has lost some of its appeal. Because almost the entire range of the iconic Zuffenhausen coupe converted to supercharging – while retaining its essential flat 6 – on the occasion of the restyling of the 991 generation. new Porsche 911 Turbo 2016, well the latter does not yield to the temptations of "Downsizing" and retains a 3.8-litre flat 6 that has received new cylinder heads and injection nozzles, with higher injection pressure and enlarged compressors.

The new 911 Turbo and Turbo S have a new Dynamic Boost function which optimizes engine response without having to press a button, just like pressing the accelerator pedal. But there is also the Sport Response Button function which offers the best response from the engine and the gearbox for 20 seconds, with a countdown on the screen.

PORSCHE  911 Turbo Coupe 3.8i 580S

_DSC2457 basse def.JPG
_DSC2312 R basse def.jpg
_DSC2473 basse def.JPG
_DSC2326 R basse def.jpg
_DSC2358 basse def.JPG


Gasoline - Box Automatic - Gray Color

  •  Auto air conditioning

  •  Cruise control

  •   Electric Windows

  •  Centralized locking

  •   Full Leather Interior

  •  Navigation system

  •   Electric Seats

  •   Leather Seats

  •  Auto air conditioning

  •   Metallic Paint

  •  ABS

  •  Airbags

  •  ESP

  •  Xenon headlights

  •  Auxiliary Audio Input

  • MP3 Audio


24 Hours / 200KM

Weekend / 400 KM

Week / 1,000 KM


Month / 3,000 KM


5.00euros per additional kilometre.


Deposit (cb imprint)


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